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Upcoming recordings!!!

2013-04-14 21:11:32 by Tyrexx

So I have been a little busy so I have not made new stuff yet but I have new stuff being written along with a small time audio play series in the words!!! stay tuned!


2013-04-09 22:06:54 by Tyrexx

I might make a small audio play series...yeah why not.

new demo!: villains

2013-04-03 23:18:56 by Tyrexx

Please leave comments if you want, creative feedback is most appreciated! Enjoy the clip!

Dubs in progress

2013-03-31 22:23:24 by Tyrexx

Any body have any suggestions on parody dubs to watch? and as always if you need a VA lemme know.

Im pretty open to ideas and character concepts, so please if you have a need for a voice talent please do not hesitate to ask, just being able to participate is an amazing thing. enjoy my audio demos!


2013-03-24 21:15:33 by Tyrexx

Hello Newgrounds! I am an amateur voice actor looking to get started! I'm working on some comics and music but we have a ways before that is finished. I'm looking forward to your comments and feedback. Enjoy!