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New Demo!

2015-04-07 21:23:43 by Tyrexx

Here's a quick look at some of the roles Ive gone out for.

New Demo Reel!

2015-03-10 15:12:18 by Tyrexx

Check out my updated Demo for 2015!:

I have returned!

2015-02-24 23:47:19 by Tyrexx

I am back to voice acting again, and I am looking for projects to be a part of. I have a lower register and I enjoy villain/ creature roles but I am up for suggestion and  stage direction. Hit me up! 

heres a project I did recently:

As an evil politician:
As monster in same scene:

Im planning to put up more demos and audio skits.

New audio!

2013-07-16 02:53:13 by Tyrexx enjoy!

New audio!


2013-05-28 21:06:02 by Tyrexx

Just about cured of my writer's block, Ive been finding ways to make my demos more effective and a little more to the point, still entertaining but not so long or single purposed.


2013-05-22 00:06:26 by Tyrexx

Almost got through this writers block.....ideas they are a'coming.


2013-05-20 23:18:36 by Tyrexx

Finally made a new recording, but I'm in a bit of writer's block... rexx Its different from the usual stuff but I needed to try some new things. Enjoy!

New audio!

2013-05-06 17:06:14 by Tyrexx

Enjoy! s-aliens

New audio in the works!

2013-05-06 13:18:52 by Tyrexx

Finally got some time to write another skit, I'll try to get it done soon.

Sorry for the wait!

2013-04-25 00:31:38 by Tyrexx

I ve been a little busy but I had some time and found a really cool song to put voices on top of its called "Mysterious Dungeon" I'm also working on an audio comedy series, still in the works but it is underway. Enjoy the audio clips!

Sorry for the wait!