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hello! i want to voice act! lemme know if you need a character!

2013-03-29 02:10:33 by Tyrexx

Im pretty open to ideas and character concepts, so please if you have a need for a voice talent please do not hesitate to ask, just being able to participate is an amazing thing. enjoy my audio demos!


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2013-03-29 02:19:19

Ah, so I have some competition in the relatively n00bish to voice acting on Newgrounds department! I too am an as of yet unseasoned user interested in voice acting! But I'm not here to spam or troll.
Honestly, I'd rather think of this as an opportunity to grow alongside another artist in the field of vocal mimicry. I'd like to bounce some random soundboards off of someone with an ear for voices like myself.
My point is that I look forward to any collaborations we may do together in the future and wish you good luck in the scouting!

Tyrexx responds:

sure man! its cool to hear from people lol ive been drawing blanks for a while. you have skype? that so far has been the easiest way to do stuff in my opinion. im at tyrexx_Roar. the best of luck to you as well!


2013-03-29 05:49:29

Hey there, it's great you want to offer your voice acting services!
NGs 10th Voice Acting Competition has just opened, if you're interested! It's a good way to get a little experience, exposure and have a bit of fun! Here's the link:
Also be sure to check out the voice acting forum here, people are always asking for voice actors. I also recommend the VAC and VAA (Type the abbreviations into google, they'll be the first to come up). Feel free to message me should you need any more info!
Happy auditioning! :)

Tyrexx responds:

swheet thanks! lol how do i get to the forum? im so lost on this sight.